Q.1 Does the concrete ever crack?

A.1 Yes, hairline cracking may occur in any concrete application. Concrete is an organic substance made of simple ingredients such as cement, sand, stone, color and other binding substances. Each piece of concrete is unique and occasional surface or hairline cracks only add to the character of each piece. However, with proper planning, instances of eventual hairline cracking in our applications can be significantly reduced. If you wish to reduce the likelihood of hairline cracking in your application, please let your representative know.

Q.2 Does the concrete stain or is it waterproof?

A.2 The concrete is sealed, making it water and stain resistant. (Spec sheets are available upon request.) It is best to clean up spills as soon as possible, especially oils and acidic liquids.

Q.3 What if I want a color that is not in the sample package?

A.3 We can make custom colors, attempting to match almost any color, for an additional charge of $75.

Q.4 Does the color ever vary?

A.4 Yes. Since our product is hand made, color and texture may vary. This is part of the uniqueness of concrete.

Q.5 What is the maximum size slab we can make?

A.5 Approximately 7' x 3', otherwise it has a tendency to crack or become too heavy to work with. Seaming may be required for larger slabs.

Q.6 Can you put hot pans on the counter?

A.6 No, it is best to use hot pads or a trivet to avoid scorching the sealer.

Q.7 Can you cut directly on the counter?

A.7 No, use a cutting board instead. Knife marks can mar the sealed surface and create areas where stains may form.

Q.8 How much can it cantilever without being supported?

A.8 No more than 10" with a 1.5" thick countertop.

Q.9 Who should install the counter?

A.9 Anyone who has marble or granite installation experience.

Q.10 Can you use it outdoors?

A.10 Yes, it is a great product for outdoor use.

Q.11 How do you clean it?

A.11 We suggest plain soap and water or any natural non-abrasive cleaner such as Simple Green or its equal.

Q.12 How do you maintain the finish?

A.12 Regular maintenance will insure the long life of the concrete. Waxing with Trewax paste wax or beeswax every couple of months will provide a level of protection and add patina to the surface. The best routine would include resealing once or twice yearly. (The wax would need to be stripped first.) We recommend Trewax Tile and Stone Sealer and Trewax Wax Stripper.