Care and Maintenance

Caring for concrete is easy. Cleaning should be done using a mild detergent such as Simple Green and a damp cloth. Using abrasive cleansers or scrubbers can scratch the sealer and should not be used. However if scratches appear, simply reapply your sealer and most blemishes disappear.

If a stain does not come out, it can be left to add to the uniqueness and patina of your piece or it can be sanded out and a new coat of sealant applied. However, if desired, a stain can be sanded out and a new coat of sealant applied for your piece to return to its original state.

Using trivets and cutting boards is always recommended to protect the sealed concrete surface. Both cutting and intense heat applied directly to the countertop may damage the sealer or leave unwanted marks. Glass, metal, tiles, stone, lighting or personal effects can be embedded into the design of the countertop. Embedded items can truly add originality to your commissioned piece.